Photo How are Nobel Peace Prize winners nominated?

How are Nobel Peace Prize winners nominated?

Peace building has become a major goal since the two world wars broke out. The threat of the possibility of another great war is so alarming that organizations and communities launch themselves into philanthropic activities to save humanity and promote happiness in the world.

The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat realized that violence is everywhere; and unless each individual is at peace, it is impossible to synchronize the world into harmony. The founder of the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is renowned for his message of peace saying "Peace is possible", which is displayed on a mural in London, to inspire youngsters.

Therefore, peace organizations, associations, foundations, and even groups of good-willed people have joined their efforts in the promotions of sustainable global harmony. Prizes are given to those who managed to carry out outstanding efforts to enhance global security and peace. Such awards are known as the Nobel Peace Prizes. Read the article and find out how Nobel Peace Prize winners are nominated.

The purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize

When Alfred B. Nobel created the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945, he wanted to acknowledge the outstanding initiatives and determinations taken by some individuals or organizations to preserve global harmony. In his will, Nobel stated that the Prize will be granted to those who have taken the most efforts to reunite conflicting communities or nations.

Anyone or any community that has managed to cease fire or reduce the use of weapons can be awarded the prize. Apart from that, efforts to reconcile and to promote peace within a community or a whole nation are also compensated.

Candidate submission

Any individual or group of individuals may submit their candidature to the Nobel Peace Prize nominator as long as they have worked with groups of people like theologians, university professors, members of national assemblies or the national governments, or members of the any other affiliation.

Current presidents of states can even send their application to be nominated Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

The nomination process 

  • First, the Norwegian committee makes sure that your nomination submission falls under any of 9 categories within the Nobel Peace Prize Nominator. It is important to specify clearly which category your nomination belongs to. Failing to relate your submission proposal to the nomination category will invalidate the application. 
  • To be nominated, applicants send reports of their peace-building initiatives to the Norwegian nomination committee. 
  • Then, the five-member committee, appointed by the Norwegian Parliament, evaluates all the efforts made by the applicants. 
  • Further steps will be taken, for example, the UN special envoy is sent to the field where peace initiatives have been undertaken. The goal is to guarantee that the effort has really made a big impact and deserves to be awarded the title of Nobel Peace Prize laureate. 
  • If it is validated that the nominee has really taken tremendous steps towards global harmony or cease fire, or any other similar purposes, then, it is likely that the nomination is appropriate, and the nominee will be accredited with a Nobel Peace Prize.

In brief, it is essential that the global peacekeeping effort is unprecedented. Beside this, it is essential that the efforts have proven to bring about considerable impacts to cease violence and end armed conflicts in order to be nominated a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.